m Stephen Fisher, an experienced Level 2 IISA, SkateIA & USSG internationally certified inline skate instructor, the only currently certified instructor active in the Toronto area. I provide lessons privately or in groups covering core skills from absolute beginner to expert, with a strong focus on individual attention, student safety, and achievable goals.

I'm very active in the skating community, regularly posting to the toronto_blading, OISC, SoCal, Roller-Montreal and Inline-Instruction forums and groups.

Lunge stop.      

For the last several years, as my avocation, I've been focusing on inline speedskating, and have been attending races all over North America where I am very competitive in my age group. I'm the founder of the Flying Fossils racing team.

Each year I'm hired by litigants as an expert witness in injury cases involving inline skaters.

I was a member of the Toronto Cycling Committee from 1996 to 2004, nominated by Toronto City Council.  I was co-chair with Jack Layton and with Olivia Chow from 2000 - 2004.  I know the Toronto trail system cold.

I'm also a certified CAN-BIKE instructor, a programme for teaching safe and assertive cycling in an urban environment, the only person certified at both. I am certified as Level 1 technical ice speedskating coach.

Located in downtown Toronto.



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