Backward Swizzle - basic  backward movement
Forward   Crossover - power through turns
Backward Movement - fast  backwards travel
Slalom - feet together, like skiing, using edging
Lunge Turn - sharp high speed U-turn
T-Stop - drag a skate to slow and stop
Grass Stop - could save your life

Advanced Intermediate Programme
Stride III - add  length and power to your stride, using edges
Double Push*  - fastest skating technique (used for racing)
Heel  Stop II - stop with all your weight over the brake (oh so cool)
Lunge stop - high speed u-turn stop (wow your friends)
Backward Power slide - stop while skating backwards
Two foot fwd/bwd transitions - change  from fwd to bwd while in motion
Two foot bwd/fwd transition - and  from bwd to fwd
Mohawk - a two step fwd/bwd transition
S-Turns* - One foot f/b transition (from figure skating)


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