It was another great day adding one more notch in my in-line confidence level. Dale

Saturday was awesome! I feel my confidence growing and that is great! (for a private lesson) Ildi

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how fantastic your clinic was on Sunday. I never imagined I could do some of the things I did. It was the most worthwhile two hours I spend. And Don agrees ...

Then I attended Stephen's Street Skills clinic last weekend and the passion is back! Not to make him blush but this course is wonderful for skaters who have some of the basic techniques down, but what Stephen added was confidence to skate in the city and on the trails. It was so interesting to see people who were nervous about going off a curb actively searching out places to do it on our street skate! I found the emergency bail off a trail technique worth the price of admission in itself. I had a blast Stephen, thanks so much! Barry

The Street Skills clinic was excellent !!! You taught us the stuff that I didn't know that I could do such as skating off the curb to street, skating over the bumpy streetcar tracks, etc. Also, your instruction on how to position yourself on the street for the maximum safety and how to deal with obstacles were very helpful. I would HIGHLY recommend this clinic to both novice and experienced skaters. Thanks for the excellent clinic. KS KIM

Thanks for a great lesson on Sunday. This was our first real stint on the street. Prior to the lesson we had been on quiet trails or just round the block to school yards, but never on the road for any length of time. I think both Mike and I emerged far more confident and "street smart". In fact after the lesson we stopped off at the Second Cup near the school yard where we had the lesson (Bloor, near Bathurst) for a drink and then decided to skate all the way home to Sherbourne and Richmond! It was a great skate home. Michael S

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