Practical skills designed to deal with:

Hazards – around them, over them, through them;

Hills and ramps -- Learn positioning to get stable, stay stable. Take the worry out of downhills;

Obstructions -- Sharp turns and stops to avoid them;

Streetcar tracks – cross them as if they weren’t there;

Curbs – while moving get on them and off them, parallel or perpendicular;

Traffic -- position yourself correctly; 
 Street smarts – learn the right way and the smart way.   

Clinic on the road

How it works:
Learn and drill required skills & techniques in controlled schoolyard environment.      
Work on sidewalk skills on quiet neighbourhood street. We start early when traffic is light.

Who it’s designed for:

This clinic is for the advanced/beginner or intermediate skater.  If you are able  to stop and turn, but lack confidence because of hills, tracks, traffic, bad surface etc. – this clinic is for YOU! If you can perform a parallel turn you're ready for this clinic.                                                                                               

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