Answers to the most common FAQ

Beginner Introductory Class

You will require helmet, skates and all protective gear.  No exceptions. I have some for rent if you need it. 

Group Beginner or Never Ever* are held at a schoolyard near Bloor & Bathurst.  Map and details to follow after you have committed to attend.  There are other venues at other times, but they're all clustered around downtown Toronto. 

If there are 4-5 skaters, the class will run for 1 3/4 hour and will cost  $35 cash at the lesson. For 6 or more, classes are generally 2 hours, $40.  Lessons may be shorter for smaller groups, price adjusted pro-rata.

Subsequent classes after the Intro will be $20 and last an hour. Rentals are extra.

Classes are canceled if it is raining. We ignore brief showers. If it is just cloudy, but dry, classes proceed. If weather is uncertain I send an email as soon as I can make a decision, based on the day's weather reports and actual conditions.  Make sure you have access to email on day of lesson (eg if we've been corresponding at your office make sure I have email accessible at your home for Saturday morning classes.)

I reserve the right to charge in the event of last minute cancellations. If a student who has confirmed attendance is a no-show, he/she is expected to pay for the lesson. When you confirm you've made a contract with me upon which I rely to determine class sizes and attendance.

Generally you can learn all the techniques necessary to advance to intermediate level in about 5-8 lessons.  This can vary depending on your aptitude and how much you practise.

* I run a few Introductory classes each year as Never Evers  for those who've never had any exposure to this sport or ice skating before.  The idea is to provide basic instruction while surrounding you with others at the same level of experience (ie none).  No need to feel self-conscious or shy.  We all cheer the smallest gains.

Lessons outside Toronto proper

I do not have any locations for teaching north of Toronto.  Students have come down to my area weekly from Aurora, Vaughan, Brampton, Ajax, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Burlington etc. for the various programmes.   If you want me to provide classes in your area, you should try and put together a group ( I can help you with that from other requests I receive), and as importantly, find a smooth, safe surface where the lesson can be held.  There will be a travel fee to cover the extra time to get to your location.  On Sundays during the season, I offer lessons on the Hamilton Beach Trail where I go to train.

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